The Fault in Our Stars


The Fault in Our Stars is a bestseller book written by John Green and it's his sixth novel. The book was first published in January 2012, and it still remains hugely popular with readers around the world.


The book tells the story of Hazel Grace Lanchester, who is a 16 years old girl and she has got thyroid cancer, that has spreed to her lungs. She starts to take in a new medicine and she give from the doctors plus some years.Her mother convinces her to go to a cancer patients' support group, every week. Here she meets the handsome Augustus Waters. From that point her life flips upside and she taste into Amsterdam's air, too.


This book is well written and the author is brilliant, how to show you another lifestyle and mentality. The opening chapters are so appealing that you want to keep on reading. This creation is very descriptive and informative. I offer to put a lot of napkin next to you, because there is some parts, which are very sad.


I'm in love with this book at first reading. I like the vim of the lovers-Hazel and Augustus-and also John Green's spellings. There are a lot of useful advise and thoughts between the lines, which are absolutely true.This is a book that appeals to all ages and is so enjoyable that you will find it hard to put down.



I have been written this article in English, because we had a homework in the school, which was to write a book review, and you could choose anything. So, that's why I have been written about this amazing book. Thank you for reading!!! Please don't copy it to anywhere!!!


Azért írtam ezt a cikket angolul, mert a suliban volt egy olyan házi, hogy írj angolul egy könyvkritikát. Ezért írtam erről a csodálatos könyvről. Köszi, hogy elolvastad!!! Kérlek ne másold le sehova!!!


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